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Originally Posted by Mountain Bronco View Post
While I agree that Champ is still a great QB, he did not shut down AJ Green.
1. A.J. Green had one TD, and Champ was right there, almost stripping the ball as Green made a great falling catch out of bounds.
2. The only other big play that Champ gave up to Green, was a 37-yard bomb down the right sideline, where Green pushed off at the last second to create separation.
3. A.J. Green went 5 receptions for 70 yards against Champ Bailey that day (half of it coming on one play).
4. Champ intercepted a pass intended for Green late in the game.

So no, Champ didn't completely shut down Green, but what do you expect? It was a good matchup, with Green getting a TD, and Champ getting an INT.

Is that the only TD Champ has given up all year?
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