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He's always been a part of the field goal and PAT team. Regardless whether it was 60-0 or 3-0 he's got to be there, he's part of the special team. There are only 53 players on the active roster, if you took him out who do you plug in?
I hate to be the devil's advocate, especially when I hate NE so much, but it seems to me that that was G's job to be in there regrdless the score...

Now, if you told me why is this guy even a member of the spcial team, then I would agree with you, he's got no place on ST, IMO...
If they werent running up the score though they don't kick an extra point cause no TD. Brady, Welker, Gronk and co all in on the drive to go 59-24 up with 4 mins left. I mean, for ****s sake.
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