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I remember telling people that there must have been behind the scenes problems with Hillis and starting a riot here. Of course when the man-love-affair ended, we all saw this was exactly the case.

I'll say the same thing about Moreno at this point. He's clearly got enough talent to be utilized but yet the staff keeps him inactive. To me, this is a huge tell that something is going wrong with the kid beyond his on-field production. So the question is, will he flame out like Hillis or will he ever use some of that ability? I liked his chances to be a compliment to WM. But, like some have said, he doesn't have the staff's trust. We've seen this before.

That said, he should see touches this week if WM is out. Bottom line is, we all just need to pray that the MRI is clean because he's the most talented back we have by a mile despite the Orange Mane experts claiming otherwise.
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