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Originally Posted by fwf View Post
You're right lonestar, because i just speak falsity's and propaganda. McGahee is awesome! I come to the mane to debate people, not be a cheerleader. I cheer at home. I'm not in here posting on every thread trying to be a troll. I havent called out Fox this season.

I have one issue that I call people out on. That's their unending love for McGahee and their status quo mentality when it comes to our run game. I dont believe McGahee gets a pass bc he's a veteran and has had success in the past. Sry. Most of you dont agree. This team could .. 0 points a game if we had a CJ Spiller or Doug Martin. Thats why I was so outspoken about bringing someone in at the deadline.

The run game is a real issue and no one seems to give a ****.
You DID troll with that bull**** you pulled the other weak and for that .. you have No credibility. None, zip, zero zilch. b**** go jump in the river. You cry because you people made fun of you. Cry troll cry
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