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Originally Posted by fwf View Post
You're right lonestar, because i just speak falsity's and propaganda. McGahee is awesome! I come to the mane to debate people, not be a cheerleader. I cheer at home. I'm not in here posting on every thread trying to be a troll. I havent called out Fox this season.

I have one issue that I call people out on. That's their unending love for McGahee and their status quo mentality when it comes to our run game. I dont believe McGahee gets a pass bc he's a veteran and has had success in the past. Sry. Most of you dont agree. This team could avg 40 points a game if we had a CJ Spiller or Doug Martin. Thats why I was so outspoken about bringing someone in at the deadline.

The run game is a real issue and no one seems to give a ****.
It would have been nice to have drafted Martin but if Osweller becomes our next QB and excels then it was worth passing onMartin. Also we would have missed out on Wolfe and he is playing amazing for a rookie DT.

Is Martin > Wolfe + Osweller, we don't know yet.
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