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Originally Posted by uplink View Post
The interesting question is who will Norv be the offensive coordinator for next year. There is virtually no chance he comes back to SD IMO. I'd say he works for a team with a defensive head coach who lost his offensive coordinator (hired as a head coach).

Looking around the league, how about Norv the broncos new offensive coordinator next year? He would be in demand and the top o-coordinators like to pick teams with an elite QB. NE may loose McDaniels but I don't see Norv fitting into the patriots way thing, they seem to like to hire guys groomed by Belichick.
I don't think he would fit in with Manning. He would not be willing to give Manning so much leeway with changing the plays IMO.

Best case scenario would be McCoy stays for the SB runs. Next i would like to see Adam Gase get promoted if McCoy leaves.
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