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Originally Posted by fwf View Post
No mention of fumbles?

Sorry, but its not difficult to find a back who can be successful in a Peyton Manning run offense. Why not find a player who's capable of taking it to the house and holding on to the ball. As well as grinding out the 3-4 yarders like Willis does do well. Theyre out there my friend.
We're limiting how great this team can be.
There's a reason Willis is only making 1million this season.
I like Mcgahee as a guy, but he's not an every down back anymore. And now with this knee injury, its time to see what else we have on the shelf
Yep these kind of guys grow on trees.

As far as running is concerned it is more about controlling the clock than scoring each time we touch the ball. Mannings offense in the past wore out his defenses, because they were back on the field so fast, and OFTEN they usually got blown out of the playoffs because they did not have balance.

Guess that kind of went over your head. Like everything else does.
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