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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
AFAIC, Manning is responsible for the safety. You going to tell me he didn't see Virgil Green matched up on Shaun Phillips? And then he calls a pass play? Peyton was off yesterday. Some of those passes were just plain bad. Fortunately, the Broncos defense kicked ass.
Agree that Peyton had a bad ( for him ) game. He was off pace for most of the first half and was overthrowing and lobbing passes. I'm sure HE knew that he was not getting it done and was frustrated with his performance. The Defense absolutely bailed him ( and the O) out the first half by dominating. And even with that performance we lost the time of possession for the whole game by 3 minutes.

McGahee going out seemed to stop any consistancy by the O...but even before that , when M was balling ( 7 for 55), the team was not able to keep drives going, because they went to the pass too much.
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