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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
AFAIC, Manning is responsible for the safety. You going to tell me he didn't see Virgil Green matched up on Shaun Phillips? And then he calls a pass play? Peyton was off yesterday. Some of those passes were just plain bad. Fortunately, the Broncos defense kicked ass.
I agree. Manning was off yesterday. Missed a wide open Tamme for what might have been a TD he usally hits those passes

Decker and DT while they caught a TD each with DT's a thing of beauty they too had their drops that would have kept drives alive and how Ball fumbles that 3rd down pass was unbelieveable.

At one point it was 24-9 or basically 24-0 for the defense

Seems the offense or ST puts the ball on the ground 2-3 times a game. This will come back to bite the team later in the year

Holliday scares the heck out of me. It's feast or famine for Holliday

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