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I don't understand the folks that watch these games and conclude that McGahee is an average or below average back...he's freaking awesome in this offense...He doesn't have the game breaking speed, no doubt, but this offense doesn't need its RB to be the game breaker...what he does bring that Hilman and Ball do not is outstanding vision, peerless patience with the blocking, and heavy, heavy pads when its time to go's not that his average gain is so much better than our alternative, its that his variance is so much lower...when he always gets 3-5, it forces the backers and safeties to adjust and then they lose...conversely, a 12 yard run is great, but if it is followed by a 3 yard loss, you are looking at throwing into coverage for the next tow downs...Willis isn't sexy, but he's really good at both blocking and running in this single back set offense...much better than our backups...I hope he isn't hurt badly and is back soon.
No mention of fumbles?

Sorry, but its not difficult to find a back who can be successful in a Peyton Manning run offense. Why not find a player who's capable of taking it to the house and holding on to the ball. As well as grinding out the 3-4 yarders like Willis does do well. Theyre out there my friend.
We're limiting how great this team can be.
There's a reason Willis is only making 1million this season.
I like Mcgahee as a guy, but he's not an every down back anymore. And now with this knee injury, its time to see what else we have on the shelf
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