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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I would LOVE that pick for the Chiefs. I don't care how electric of a runner a guys is, in the NFL, they always get hurt. He's not good enough of a pure passer to use a high pick on. Maybe middle to low round 1st round would be worth it but not the 1st pick in the draft. But the Chiefs will blow it and pick him 1st. Love it.
I'm not saying he's a bust but i agree with you. As a passer i don't see him in the same league as RgIII who has freaky accuracy deep and on the run.

Smith is not the sure fire passer luck is, or the all around talent of rgIII. I wouldn't be really scared if he went to the Queefs. He's way better then barkley though who I see as another average SC QB. And i am a so calif native who watches a lot of SC football. He's great throwing it up to WR way better then the dbacks guarding them.
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