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Virgil Green

Originally Posted by baja View Post
The problem with the Chargers is not all Norv, look at all the talent Smith let get away. I mean how do you let a player like Sproles or Jackson walk? And there is a long list of others.
You are absolutely right, but it is very possible that AJ did not pay those players simply because Spanos told him not to. We all know how cheap he is. In other words, if AJ keeps his job after the supposed "house cleaning", then we know he is only following the owner's mandate.

Don't laugh, Elgin Baylor somehow kept his job as GM of the Clippers for 22 years of overseeing the sorriest team in basketball. Why? Apparently, because he made the cheap owner a lot of money by doing what he was told, and getting rid of players that demanded big contracts.
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