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Originally Posted by baja View Post
The Good;

1.Peyton is back and has control of this team, everyone is buying in

2. jack del Rio has this defense playing lights out

3. Special teams are #1or #2 in several categories.

4, We are winning games while not playing our best offensively

5. Von Miller is getting better by the week

6. All the young defensive players are playing at an unbelievable level.

7. We appear to be the most complete team in the AFC

8. Although we have had injuries we are in better shape than most teams

9. Except for Baltimore we don't have any bruising games left

10. We got great coaching top to bottom.

The Concerns;

1. Champ has not played like Champ for two games now.

2, Holliday is scary with the ball, he drops the ball a lot.

3. We need Kupe to get healthy and stay healthy

4. Fumbles

5. Both DT & Decker are dropping balls they should catch

6. Very thin at Running back

7. Manning getting hit too much the last two games we can't afford this.

8, Running game needs to become stronger now that it's getting cold and the playoffs are looming.

9. Hillman should be further along

10. Koppen needs to stay healthy, if he goes down we're screwed
This has been going on longer than two weeks.

I've been watching him a lot this year. He is not making many plays on
the ball. Looks like hes having trouble tracking the ball. Hes been getting turned around. At CAR he got lots of safety help on Smith. Doesn't look to me like hes shutting anyone down. The only WR I've seen him shut down in recent weeks was Colston.

All I see when the camera is on 24 is a CB 2 steps behind WR's and too late to make a play when the ball is in the air. Looks like hes lost another step in the last 3 weeks. And thats the thing. Carter or Harris would have probably picked off 2 or 3 balls that Champ should have been able to make a play on in last 4 weeks.

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