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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I bet McGahee still runs in the 4.4's no problem. He's a top 12 NFL RB. Without him, this team goes nowhere.

People talking stuff about him are freaking clueless. He has dropped the rock a couple times early in the year, and now teams are cueing in on all the Broncos Offensive players trying to strip the ball. It's their only chance to win. That's why you keep seeing fumbles.

McGahee is on pace for about 1200 yards this year...meanwhile none of our other RB's can pick up a 1st down.
Good post and incitful.

If you go back to any of their runs and for that matter Trindons they are grabbing at the arms on them all..

fox might want to start having them carry the ball wherever they go at Dove valley. See who can bring him their balls.

Worked on any team I was on the ball carriers all became better at holding on to it.

Once saw a female tennis player take a ball to the coach, guess which RB did not play that week. Never happened again. She was that good an athlete he tried to recruit her. She wound up a state tennis champion.
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