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Originally Posted by LongDongJohnson View Post
In your non expert arm chair opinion.

No one is heart broken. But the fact you would take a player over Miller without even thinking about it is laughable.

Miller right now is having a DPOY type season.
He has had two outstanding games against two teams with lousy olines, one with a QB in a sophomore slump at best the other with a hot and cold QB..

Watts has played pretty consistent ball all year..

I'll bet that nationwide a hell of a lot more folks would take Watt over Miller also.

Both aree going wreak havoc for years. One from DE the other from OLB. Frankly Miller seems to have improved more this year becoming a more complete player as last year they would run the ball past him while he was going for the sack.

I'm glad he is a bronco. But still Not sure why anyone that is not a complete homer would not be ok with a fan thinking that Watt is better.
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