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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Can't believe Dumervil played today, and got a strip-sack to seal the game...

..all after curing himself of shoulder aids in less than a week. Amazing.
John Elway concocted an antivenum when he took the Job. After all we couldn't have a repeat of Josh McDaniels ill fated Aids Cobra encounter. The poor guy was never the same. I hear Pat wasn't up for footing the bill incorporated with the research, but he can't say no to John. Speaking O', a guy I was sitting next to on the light rail told me DJ Williams fudged his drug test with dog piss so the NFL wouldn't find out he had the Cobra Aids. When I got off, I ran in to this crazy Texan freaking out about how his life was ruined when Geno gave him the Cobra Aids in an awkward romantic encounter. Weird day, but it seemed relevant.

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