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Originally Posted by Action View Post

The touchdown is scored the instant the ball crosses the plane of the goal line—that is, any part of the ball is in the space on, above, or across the goal line—while in possession of a player whose team is trying to score in that end zone. The play is dead and the touchdown scores the moment the ball crosses the goal line in possession of a player, or the moment the ball comes into possession of an offensive player in the end zone (having established possession by controlling the ball and having one or both feet or another part of the body on the ground). The slightest part of the ball being over the goal line is sufficient for a touchdown to score.
Everybody understands this rule.

He has to have established possession FIRST before crossing the goal line ends the play.

The act of establishing possession has a number of caveats. If he gets 2 feet down (1 knee, elbow, shin, forearm, ass) and makes a 'football move', possession has been established. If he is contacted and that contact brings him to the ground before the possession could be established, then he has to maintain control through contacting the ground.

I am only arguing this point. I can see where are ruling he established possession. I think its marginal but there. Your point of having 2 feet and the crossing the goal line isnt true if possession hasnt been established.

The whole question is whether or not possession was established before he was contacted. They ruled he did and so doesnt need to maintain it.
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