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Originally Posted by fwf View Post
What make McGahee so indispensable? And how do we know Ball hasnt improved? He hasnt gotten a good look this year. We know one thing... he'll have fresh legs and two good knees. Ball is 27 and has 175 total NFL carries. FRESH my friends. There's not another starting back in the league right now with more miles on him then Willis I think.

Come on, if McGahee was a rookie and he had all these fumbles and lack of edge speed - we'd be killing him. You cant just go off reputation.

Lance Ball blows. You can't mention him with Willis. Lance Ball as a running back sucks comparing him to Willis. Willis might not be as fast as he used to be, but he has great vision, and knows how to set up his blocks better than any of our running backs. The scary thing is I'm not sure if we have a backup that can step up and be as productive as Willis has been. Only back that intrigues me is Jeremiah Johnson, but I'm not sure if he has improved his blocking.
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