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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
That's why BB is a bad coach. Karma for running scores up.
actually his methodology is sound..

since ST accounts for just a shade under 30% of the plays it is silly not to have starters playing on ST..

It would be like taking out your best players for 30% of your plays on defense or offense..

now as for running the scores up.. sounds like sour grapes to me..

When players are not going all out injuries are most likely to occur..

if you are going to tell an athlete to take it easy that is silly, they want to go for the throat.. only the pansy ass liberals think if you slow it down the other team not be embarrassed..

It is the NFL if hey can not compete the team should forfeit up front..

I like Manning comments on the sidelines when he is miked up, lets step on their throats when we have them down.. Guessing he is not a liberal..
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