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The only blind person I see is you. The precedence exists to overturn that TD. You can pretend otherwise, and act like your so much smarter than everyone else, but in the end you only make yourself look like a douche and a fool.

The real discussion is about the ambiguity of the rules, not the TD anyway. We won, so whether or not it's a TD doesn't matter. The illogical nature of the NFL rules is what is being discussed here, and while you are so certain of how right you are (to the point of seeemingly missing what's actually being discussed), the rest of us are just trying to figure the **** out.
Yes. This. If the NFL wants to avoid any huge controversies in the future, they should seriously think about clarifying the rule in this situation. It is not like it's a rare situation, and it's only a matter of time when some situation like this will decide a game, perhaps even a postseason game.
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