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What if it happens at the 10 yard line instead of the goaline? Would they consider it a catch then ground causing fumble? They would if they thought he had made the catch already.
I agree with you, as I have not seen any answers on how long must possession be maintained before the catch becomes official. I am under the impression that these situations only apply to catches in which the receiver is on the way down to the turf as he catches the ball, which is why I still question the Calvin Johnson ruling (he took 2-3 steps before he went down to the turf).

Finally, I think it is only a matter of time when the NFL will revise, or make clear their rules. What if the Chargers would have recovered the onside kick and scored again, and won in overtime? The controversy regarding that touchdown would have been through the roof.

I have had MANY MANY discussions in forums concerning NFL catch rules for several years now.
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