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Look I am not a glass half full kind of guy but this team looks to be gellin and getting better every week. Not to be a debby downer but the competition has been sub par as of late.

We have seen quite a few great Broncos teams come out of the gate hard and then fall apart down the home stretch............

We have seen quite a few Bronco teams with the division within their
grasp fall apart and not finish what they started..............

Again I am a realist, if its wrong or questionable I will say so.
I realize the competition has been weak as of late BUT........
We have been putting away the weaker teams as good teams are
supposed to do.

I think this team is different and we will keep our foot on San Diego's throat AND FINISH WHAT WE STARTED THIS TIME !

Am I right or just drank the kool-aid ?

The Bengals a re a good team.
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