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You can't possibly believe this? Tim has made roster on two NFL teams, was driven out of 1 and can't stay off the bench to beat-out Mark "****in" Sanchez on the other. This guy has had plenty of real chances to make grade and failed. He sucks as a NFL QB (conventional or not) plain and simple. All you have to do is look at the QB play by Cutler (while in Denver) and Manning and its obvious that both Orton/Tebow were big mistakes.

Go Broncos! Chargers game can't come soon enough.
And you can't possibly believe that the circumstances Tebow has faced through his short career are conducive to develoment as an NFL QB.

I'm not saying he would have definitely developed into a great passer had he had the stability and coaching other 1st round QB's usually get, but I think it's clear virtually nothing has gone well for him in terms of having an opportunity to develop in the proper way.
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