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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Going to disagree with you putting Oregon over Notre Dame. I'm no Irish fan, but they actually beat Stanford and won in Oklahoma. Oregon has put up prettier numbers, but they don't have any wins close to as impressive as those two (having lost to that Stanford team in Eugene yesterday).

And I initially shared your assumption that Oregon could make the title game if ND loses to SC, but if Stanford beats UCLA, that knocks Oregon out of their conference title game, not even winning their own division. Unless you're in the SEC, I think voters will require that you win your division to make the title game.

If Notre Dame loses to USC, and Stanford beats UCLA, I think #2 ends up going to the winner of the Florida - Florida St game. Both are at 1 loss. 1 loss ACC winner Florida St would be a sane choice, as would a 1 loss Florida team playing the Winner of the Georgia/Alabama game.
FSU and Al Qaeda are more or less interchangeable in my mind, but I do think they are certainly worthy to be in the discussion for the national title game. They've got a TON of talent. The ACC was weak this year and that hurt them alot in SOS. I really DO NOT want to see them in the title game because it would kill us recruiting wise, but on the merits, they can make a good case.

I am absolutely convinced they will throttle Florida. Florida is punchless on offense. They have played two awful games in a row. Even if Driskel comes back, I see FSU winning something along the lines of 24-6. They will be hurt by the fact that in the ACCCG they will beat Georgia Tech, which is not a good team.

Actually, this whole discussion depends really on whether Matt Barkley plays or not. If he plays and USC wins, it will create chaos in choosing the other team to be in the title game. If he doesn't play, it a moot point. Its ND vs. SEC Champion. Period.

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