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Will Parks

Originally Posted by errand View Post
The problem some on here have is they look at this team emotionally instead of logically......

Look at how some on here acted over a premier QB free agent being wooed by other teams as well as our own favorite. b****ing and moaning over **** they had no control over....and now they look like a bunch of whiners and cry babies over it.....

Fast forward to the signing of Manning and trade of Tebow.....again, we had people on here crying and b****ing and moaning.....

I mean's one thing to be's another to call the entire organization classless because they may get rid of a player you like. The greatest Broncos player of all time has been labelled all kinds of derogatory names by those very people ...and for what?

For acquiring the best FA ever available since Reggie White?

For getting rid of a QB they weren't married to, or saw as part of their vision for this team's future?

For trying to bring back the same kind of excitement he use to create back in the days he was our starter?

How misguided are those that wanted Tebow over Manning? They still defend him every chance they can despite his immense flaws while poo-pooing this current team by pointing out their much smaller flaws.

Elway himself said it best...there are Broncos fans...and then there are Tebow fans. This thread exposed who was who in my opinion.
Oh, the irony!
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