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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
How we play this game will tell me a lot about this squad. One of my concerns is we may have peaked to early. I know that isn't true in some areas because our passing game has so much room to grow and a lot of players are young. I am still worried about our rush offense. I think McGahee is running out of gas. I actually wouldn't mind if lost this game because we'd play with more of an edge going forward. I hope we win, and think we can, but I think it will be closer than people think.
This is where I am as well. I think we probably have the most balanced team in the NFL when it comes to offense/defense, but I am concerned about the running game lately and that our offense has been becoming more lop-sided on a weekly basis.

I also worry about this team transitioning from a team with a lot of questions around it and becoming a team that is favored every week that can still come out and execute and play with a chip on their shoulder. That isn't always an easy transition, though it certainly becomes easier with Manning and the way he approaches preparation.

This team has great potential, but I still view them as being in transition from mediocrity to the cream of the league, and that can be tough, especially for a team that is fairly young.

I think today's game will be a great barometer for where this team really is. If they come out and stomp on the downtrodden Chargers they can make a statement that they're ready to handle the pressure of being a real contender. They can set their sights on securing home field advantage.

If they come out flat and struggle in the early going I think the Chargers could gain confidence, get healthy in a hurry and make this a very tough game. If the Chargers get the upset,we're back in a battle for the division, will likely have to play New England or Baltimore on the road, and this season becomes much tougher sledding.
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