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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Some fans are better than others.....sorry if that bothers you, but it's true.

for instance, (and only speaking for myself) I've never once hoped that the Broncos would a lose a game ever in my life...but we have "fans" who do, and say so....

I've never posted scenarios where the team would hypothetically be better should the VP and HC die in a plane crash...but we had a so called "fan" on here do exactly that...

I've never once wanted someone to take a crowbar to the knees or head of a player I didn't think was very good in order to get one I thought was better in the line up....but we had a "fan" post that kind of **** on this very site...

I never once ever thought about not cheering on the Broncos because they got rid of a player I happened to like...but we've had "fans" on here call this team classless because they didn't like how the team treated their favorite man crush..

sorry, but that kind of **** doesn't get a pass from me, and anyone who is a true fan in my opinion wouldn't let that **** slide either, but then again like I said...some fans are better than other fans.

BS Errand. It's one thing to be emotional and talk some **** during the offseason, it's another to still be talking about it when we are watching the best Bronco team in almost 10 years. Sorry, it's very childish at this point.
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