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Originally Posted by LRtagger View Post
No kidding. Think about where he would be if McDonald's hadnt wasted his first two seasons. He would be so much further along. Possibly to the point that we wouldn't have considered drafting Wolfe and moved on Doug Martin. Oh well
1. Ayers playing LB was because Mike Nolan wanted to turn him into the next Adalius Thomas (270 pound 3-4 super versatile OLB, groomed by Nolan in Baltimore, then signed with the Pats and fell apart onside the system he was trained for). There was a plan in place, Ayers was even growing into it come year two before missing six weeks due to injury.

2. I'd still rather have Wolfe than Martin. Martin is getting some good production at RB but that is a short shelf life position and you can often find productivity there in later rounds. Wolfe has shown some real physical talents already and a great work ethic. Having both Wolfe and Ayers along with Doom and Miller is the first step towards developing the rush heavy front seven that the Giants have ridden to two titles in the last few years.

I say this as someone who was really hoping for Martin at our #1 pick too. Wolfe was the better choice for long term team building. When Manning retires we need a D that can shut people down while Osweiler gets up to game speed.
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