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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Josh went after his boys in NE

There is a story going around that Mike would watch highlight clips of players and draft them without even talking with them, saying to his staff when warned about said player, "He has never been coached by me".
As far as Josh is concerned..

IIRC mikey did the same thing going after players he had coached or had on his team when he was a coordinator or his coordinators knew them.... TWO jump out immediately Eddie Mc and Romo.. I'm sure there were others..

They wanted players that understood them and their schemes they were putting together..

I do not understand why anyone would have a problem with that..

For example:
Why try to teach a hard headed QB your playbook when you can bring one in that already knows it and can (like Manning is doing) be an on the field coach because 10 other players need to learn it..

It Makes the transition so much easier than teaching the coaches, then the QB and then all the rest on O..

Cassell flourished with the playbook when Brady went down, does anyone think he would not have done so in DEN?

Does anyone really think that Wolf would have been John E first choice this year, that was all Fox and JDR..

Yeah I know few will get it because they hate NE and anything to do with it.. Yada Yada Yada

Yes the story about mikey is true,, the supreme EGO..
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