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Originally Posted by baja View Post
By personal I meant players. Sorry not clear. I expect he was allowed to hire all his assistants. I read some where that Elway is listening to his scouting people and making decisions accordingly.

Im sure Fox signs off on them but I doubt he finds them, players that is.
Actually all HCs do. Of course except only mikey scouts college players .. Or totally overrides their decisions based on his own innate ability to know they will be the best only if he is their coach..

Most allow the scouting department to do their jobs, after giving them direction on what their criteria is..
  1. Speed
  2. smarts
  3. coach able
  4. size
  5. ability to put more weight on.
  6. how they play.
  7. what their coaches as far back as HS have to say about them.
  8. if they have to play a certain position or multiple ones.
I'd guess all of those are near the top of the grading list with probably another hundred other things to grade them on.

After they are all graded the position coaches probably watch film with the scouts.. their recommendations are then given to Coordinators and HC who all discuss it with the GM in this case Elway..
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