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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
I'll call it now: ND loses to USC. Florida loses to Florida St. Georgia loses to Alabama.

This leaves 1 loss Oregon, 1 loss ND, 1 loss K-state, 2 loss LSU, 2 loss Texas A&M to pick through for the #2 slot against Bama.

I think voters will go with a team that only has 1 loss, so it comes back down to Oregon, K-State, ND. The Wildcat's loss was just too ugly, a true disqualifier. Oregon still gets in if they beat UCLA in the Pac title game. Conference champ > independent ND.

If UCLA beats Oregon, we go back to a ND - Bama game.

Whew. Chaos.
Oregon might not make it to the pac12 'ship. Stanford holds the tiebreaker.
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