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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
If that is what the players are worried about then the team has more problems than we know about.

Do they want to be in the old brown and mustard colors no. But overall if they are not complete morons they should not care.

I'm pretty sure they are no more motivated to play whether they have blue tops white bottoms. Vs there normal color of orange.

Now I will say having to wear a dark color on a hot summer day in Florida coils be something they perfer not to do. but they are professionals Paid to play not be pretty boys.

Unlike the queer eye for the football fan bois on here that believe it matters all that much.

As for wearing suits to games. Most of The teams have dress codes for game day. As far as them showing up in a suit to practice I doubt seriously any do.

But good try.
Sound a bit old and out of touch. These players are in their early 20's and 30's. Of course they care and if they do, according to you, they are morons. Everyone is vain and to think young football players shouldn't be?
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