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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Until we see Tebow benefit from good QB coaching and continuity in a system over multiple seasons, all the people acting like he has failed as a QB are full of ****. You can't fail if you are never given any real chance to succeed. Expecting a spread option QB to adjust to pro style pass schemes overnight is beyond stupid, and you all should know that.
so tell us what your opinion of Brady Quinn is? He's hardly been given a chance as well...but he's also labelled a bust too by the same clowns who defend Tebow's never having been given a chance.

Or better yet, what about DT, coming from a rudimentary passing attack at GT and not being required to run perfect routes, etc....but he too has been called a bust by several clowns that defend Tebow as being a young inexperienced QB coming from a spread option offense in college to pro style in the NFL.

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