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Originally Posted by bowtown View Post
What makes you say that Fox doesn't get a lot of input on personel, especially on defense? You think that it's just a coincidence that we have so many assistant coaches that used to work under him in Carolina? You think Elway is pulling the trigger on players--especially defensive--without checking with him?

Fox is a defensive coach. He has a lot of practice at building a defense and a staff to accomplish that. If you really think that he just sits back and has no influence on the players, the plan, or the mindset, I think you would be mistaken. This defense has been improving since the minute he walked in the door. He's the constant.
By personal I meant players. Sorry not clear. I expect he was allowed to hire all his assistants. I read some where that Elway is listening to his scouting people and making decisions accordingly.

Im sure Fox signs off on them but I doubt he finds them, players that is.

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