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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Keep in mind he was instrumental from his prior working history in getting JDR to come to Denver when he could have easily retired and spent more time with his family watching his kids grow up etc....
Not sure what he is making here but the contract he was was on when he was fired, still had $5,000,000.00 left on it.

I'm guessing your correct he could have at least taken it easy and not worked, but I'll bet that when John F called he just could not say know.

The article also said he enjoys being on the field with his guys more than the other parts othe HC resposiblilities.

I also gathered that IF he moves on again it will be forthe perfect job. Not just the first thing that jumps up. ..

Let hope that is a long time and he is able to train his replacement to take over and keep things moving forward.

Remember that Kubes turned down opportunities a couple of time waiting to go back home to HOU.

Someone said that fox had lots to do with the D. Absolutely he has so far not only in those players taken (John E apparently listens well and asks great questions of his staff) but who he has got on his staff. So while he may not be giving little tips to the players the overall scheme is his along with JDR.

If it were not for Fox JDR most likely would be a talking head on TV. Therefore getting his FULL contract value from JAX. We probably got a deal and JaX pays the difference in that 5 mil.
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