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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Is it really necessary for some of you to get your rocks off on hating the guy whichs gives it all and gave us a great season last year when it clearly was gonna be a ****y year with Orton ?

Get over it and can your hatred..............
they cant and think those wins were not really wins. It seems they are satisfied with those losses Orton had and was pissed off about Tebow getting some of the credit for the wins. Look, it was a team effort with some good luck and fortune but it doesn't take away that Tebow still had to make drives count when we were down a score or two. Unconventional? Hell yes and sometimes frustrating.
Just because he is gone doesn't diminish his accomplishments and giving us some hope again with a great win vs. Steelers. Stating it was a banged up team is completely trivial and shows immaturity. Most are happy we got rid of him for Peyton but I will always be happy what he did while he got a chance....and glad I never went out and bought his jersey!
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