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Originally Posted by strafen View Post
On an any given Sunday...
I think we've played a tough first part of the schedule and did real well considering the new pieces on offense and a new DC on defense.
Yes, at the mid-season point we've seemed to have jelled and we're playing well as a unit on all 3 phases.
The schedule gets easier from here on out, but we need to keep the foot down because the NFL is full of surprises.
This part of the schedule falls on the coaches responsibility to have the team prepared to play week in and week out.
We'll be tested every week and teams are going to be ready to gunning us down, so it is and it's not as easy as it looks on paper...
Outstanding post by someone that has not drank the koolaide.

Let me add we went into NYG years ago with a 13-0 record everyne on the forums was expect the perfect season myslef included, finished the season 13-3 IIRC.

Since then we seem to have a penchant for falling into trap games big time.

Knowing we are good and thinking we can coast and turn it back on if we need it. But we all know that MO swing slow and rarely turns around once you have lost it.

Always told my daughter when she was playing BB or VB never relax because that almost always let's bad teams THINK they can play with you.. Often they beat you even though they are really bad.

Go forthe kill shot and Finnish strong. We all know the other team would do it to us if they could.

That happened in SAN 5-6 weeks ago and we wound off kicking the snot out of them. Do y'all think they might be remembering that?

I do. It is going to be close or a blow out tomorrow.
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