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Bill Simmons! Here's his pick on the Broncos game this week:

Chargers (+7.5) over BRONCOS
Gambling rules favoring the Broncos: "Don't go against a hot team," "Don't go against Peyton Manning in a big home game," "Don't pick Norv Turner in a big game ever" and a special one just for this game, "Always pick the home team that's +20 in sacks over the road team that keeps landing in articles with headlines like 'O-Line play not helping Chargers' cause' and 'Chargers' line offensive, too'."

Gambling rules favoring the Chargers: "Be careful with high spreads in division games," "Be careful of any team when it's their biggest game of the year," "Be careful with road teams who had previous success in that stadium" (and San Diego has won five of their last six in Denver), "Be careful of any favorite when they're going to be thrown into every two-team teaser on Sunday," "Be careful of Norv Turner anytime his job is definitely on the line because he's like Michael Myers you have to chop his head off to get rid of him, or else he's coming back."

(Thinking )

(Still thinking )

(When in doubt, take the points right?)
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