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Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
Yes, we do have something here.

But, is what we have, better than Houston, Baltimore, New England, San Francisco, or Atlanta??

My main concerns....Houston, New England, and Atlanta. Those are the 3 best teams in the NFL right now. We are right there with them...but, interestingly enough, all 3 beat our Broncos.

Can we go to NE or Houston, or maybe both....and win? Are we that good?

Can we play Atlanta on a nuetral field and win?

Is our defense really a top 10 defense...or just a pretender? What if Manning gets shut down...can our defense keep us in the game against one or more of these 3 teams.

That's what we need to find out. But, yes we don have something here...and it's name is Peyton Manning!
A) Probably. New England can be had home or away. When we played them earlier, this offense was still in the formative stages. Their defense still stinks. Houston has some injury issues and their depth is weak, kinda like us. At Houston, not sure. Here in Denver, without a doubt.

B) Absolutely. Should've beaten the Falcons at their place, just ran out of time (not to mention 4 turnovers in the first qtr).
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