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We have 8 or 9 games to choose, all blue is with me fine for one.

But Lonestar is right. Why are we talking so much about fashion, we're not chicks, are we? Here's the first thread I started on the Mane:

Where did all the cool uniforms go?

For whatever boring, monochromatic (gotta be marketing related) reasons, the NFL has apparently decided every team must adopt navy/dark blue or black as a base color. In the last 10-15 years, literally half the league has done so:

Added Navy/Dark Blue, made it dominant:

1. Broncosdumped 2. Rams
3. Chargers
4. Seahawks
5. Patriots
6. Bills
7. Oilers/Titans
8. Cowboys (dumped medium blue jersey in 80s)
9. Texans (expansion w/ navy)

Added Black, at least as a base:
1. Eagles
2. Lions
3. Cardinals
4. Panthers (expansion)
5. Jaguars (expansion)
6. 49ers
7. Buccaneers

That's half the league. Plus several already had one of the colors. Holdouts are Giants, Packers, chefs, Dolphins, Jets.

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