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Default Looks like our very own Lonestar is writing for the DPO

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams is a rebel without a clue. He hates on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, shows disdain for the Denver fans that pay his salary and picks fights with the media over ugly headlines written by his own hand.
So when Williams rejoins the team Sunday, are fans supposed to show him unconditional love?
"I hope sooner or later I can get back to the (starting) role I had previously, before I left. I realize it is going to be difficult just to jump back into that. I'm ready to go whenever they throw me out there," said Williams, an eight-year starter on the Denver defense, before his self-styled "Dyme Lyfe" resulted in a nine-game suspension.

Read more: Should Broncomaniacs cheer or boo linebacker D.J. Williams? - The Denver Post
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