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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I agree with this. I called into his show yesterday, actually. I still think he shouts over people too much before they finish, but generally he knows what he's talking about. I also like Joel Klatt, not so much Mike Evans who is constantly trying to prove he's not the dork I am 95% sure he is was (and still is, really) growing up. I flip between them and Mike & Mike, then I'll listen to Rome and sometimes Cowherd if I want to torture myself.

Then the best show on radio is Les and Nalen. Tom is a breath of fresh air. Rather than other celebrities who are worried about saying the wrong and thing and sounding perfect, Nalen lets it all hang out and is pretty a matter of fact about many things. He also doesn't make it schticky. Then I switch to Alfred and DMAC and then I don't listen anymore.
Which station is Nails on?
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