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Wes Welker

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Yes, disappointed in lack of lisping. Rev sounds gayer than you do!

I would love to hear a female (I did edit out Chick to be more PC) on the podcast for a segment or 2, someone like Miss I, Sassy, Blue, gunns, just to get the different perspective. This is a community after all.
now that you mention he does sound gayer.

As for the chick component, I don't think the pod cast needs a token chick. The guys are doing just fine. Frankly I don't have the football chops to do a podcast and I don't want to spend the podcast as a distraction discussing the finer points of Eric's butt or something equally trivial.

Whoever is a part of the discussion should bring a decent level of knowledge about the game, the team and be fun to listen to and be able to get along with the other members. I don't see myself having those traits but some of the others might. But again, I don't think putting a female on just to have a female voice makes sense, but if she can bring the same value to the table as the other guys on there then by all means add her.

Good job on the podcast guys. It was really interesting to listen to, sound quality or not.
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