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And yet another example of what I just mentioned. "Ignore anything positive Tebow did (No need to sprinkle in ant more games before that) because it doesn't count."
Ya no need cause the person who ORIGINALLY said 1-4 was only talking about the last 5 games. What you see that tebow did isn't what we see. You saw him beat the bears. I saw Prater win it by having to kick an insane field goal cause the offense couldnt move closer. I saw Marion barber lose it. That last game of the season tebow could've won and got into the playoffs. Did he? No. How did they get in? Raiders collapsing last half of season, with rivers beating them. What would've happened if raiders won that game? Steeler game wouldn't exist and the "he took us to the playoffs" wouldn't be tebow followers main arguement.
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