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Casey Kreiter

Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
And yet another example of what I just mentioned. "Ignore anything positive Tebow did (No need to sprinkle in ant more games before that) because it doesn't count."
I think Tebow's determination and passion absolutely helped win those games, along with using his limited skill set in a gimmick scheme that caught the league off guard. Problem is while that was good enough for a spark it can't be sustained and Tebow's limited skills are not something you can consistently win with, which is why we started losing games again once everyone had tape on us and knew what to expect. Did Tebow play a big part in those wins? You bet. Did he also play as big a part in the subsequent losses? Absolutely. Tebow is a gimmick that had a short shelf life. It was fun while it lasted though and it good to see that he also took full advantage of his 15 minutes in the sun. It's cold in Canada.
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