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It's comical that you think we could win with your boy. He is so bad his team bags on him. We won despite him with ST TD, defensive TD and teams plain imploding. There is no way we win division with him under C let alone make playoffs. I Hope you sold your tickets this year because it is killing you how good Manning has been.
Its irrational to think you have to hate one QB to like the other. I still liked Plummer when I was rooting for Jay. I thought Jake got the shaft as well but I wasn't hoping for Jay to lose games to prove me right. They're Pro QBs. Not ex girlfriends.

Alternate Universe type comparisons are rarely easy to make. Well I guess they are for some people. But many of those same people told us Kyle Orton gave us the best chance to win last year. Their bold predictions about what wouldda been this year can generally be responded to by pointing and laughing.
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