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Originally Posted by HorseHead View Post
Give the guy the ball a little more that's all...would it kill that team? It's not
like it would disrupt any flow they have right now.

The one pass Tim can consistently hit on is the deep, over the shoulder throw. Let him uncork a couple..

Champ said it himself, it's different for Tim when he's in the game...
While the QB certainly has a part in it, I always attributed successful deep balls to receivers as much as (or more than) QBs. The WR has subtle movements, comebacks, etc that he can use once he knows where the ball is going to land and adjust himself. The QB just has to get it in the general area.

To put it another way, if you put the stationary receiver out there and told the QB to put it in his hands, I think many would miss pretty bad. Add the complexity then of a moving target and it'd get even worse.

So I think the reason Tebow can hit deep balls better than short ones has nothing to do with increased accuracy and everything to do with giving the receivers more time to adjust to the ball.
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