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How many ****ing times does it have to be repeated to the idiots that there are 3 plays that - due to no influence from Tebow, ZERO - changed what would have otherwise been a 4-7 record into a 7-4 record. These are plays that if you replay them the vast majority of the time, he's 4-7.

When you use his record as your argument, you really show you dont have a clue about football. He has about the same winning percentage as Andrew Luck. So they are roughly equal QBs right? And when Indy loses to NE this weekend, Tebow will have a better winnings percentage. So then he will be better? Thats the type of ****ty conclusion you can reach with just looking at a number.

I really think that if those 3 plays had turned out as the law of averages says they would, a good chunk of these folks would never have been on the Tebow is good QB bandwagon.
Good post! Plus some of those plays aka "Barbers" were completely the other team screwing up not TT doing anything. Then toss in plays like Novak missed FG, Prater hitting 58 yarder, even Rivers fumbling a kneel down and people act like TT made these great plays. To me he is the guy that lead us to losses in 4 of last 5 games and didn't beat any good teams other than a banged up Steeler team.
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