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Lamin Barrow

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Sorry you feel that way..

I have always posted my mind.. as I see it..

Being a Bronco fan since their inception have lived through all the UPs and downs the franchise has had..

Most of the kiddies on this forum have been around since Elway or later and even more of the percentage from the super bowls..

Yet even more grew up playing madden or later FF and have little if any actual on the field experience..

I also had the opportunity to play under a former Bronco OT, so I'm a fan through and through..

Like I said I see things that some do not see and feel it is my duty to share..

Some folks like it, some do not because I hold not punches and go after their favorites If i think it is the right thing to do.. many get butt hurt when I do that..

it is not personal for me but it gets that way for them..

So "square peg in round hole".. Thanks for the compliment..
So what's you opinion on the uniforms?
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