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Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
I think JD was already getting there this season Baja. We are starting to look much, much better from a depth perspective across the boards. Especially on the lines. Weird, actually. Nice work coaching up the players they have to work with, in conjunction with some timely FO moves (Koppen, seriously, could that have worked out any better?).
Great post and your right on teh mark..

Way to many folks are hung up that Josh drafted them.. opposed to seeing the progress made from thier rookie years..

Going form super poor OL coaching the first year, to the no off season with a brand new Offensive scheme killed these guys particular..

VERY few OL guys come in and kick ass in their first couple of years, except perhaps those taken in rounds one and most of those are top 15 picks..

The game speed and size of the DL across from them simply overwhelms them.. Add to it the veteran moves they have just causes real problems..

Add to that two rookies starting next to each other further compounds it..

then add in that Clady had been playing like crap.. you get a BIGGIE WHAMMY..

not like Pouncey coming in a few years ago in PIT and starting on very experienced OL.. he had vets on both side of him to help his transition..
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